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Future Scope Java vs Python ?

Many developers would agree that python is simple and more productive and the other hand java is difficult and complex. The programming language writes an efficient program for critical problems and for mobile applications, web applications, and games, etc. Python has easy syntax while java has complex syntax. Python : Python is more productive than …

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WordPress Security: A short Brief

How to secure your WordPress site? Nowadays around 35% of Internet website is created on the Platform WordPress. It is a CMS (Content Management system) platform, where we get features to control all the backend and frontend of the Website structure. And here we don’t have to manage the Backend database. It will be managed …

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Array : 2D array

Hey guys, i hope you are doing well In the previous blog we learn about the 1d array and today we are going to continue our chapter by learning 2d array and if you want to read about 1d array than click here. 2D array 2d array or two-dimensional array if simply i said it’s …

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