Buffer overflow Beginner To Advance part1

Greeting Everyone! Today we will learn how to exploit buffer overflow using with immunity debugger and mona modules. Steps I covered in buffer overflow. Spiking Fuzzing Finding the offset Overwriting the EIP (Extended instruction pointer) Finding the bad characters Finding the right module Generate shell code and gain shells Download vulnserver – Download immunity …

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Reconnaissance | Securium Solutions Pvt Ltd


 Greetings   Welcome you all for the series of blogs on reconnaissance how to find possible information of your target . Today we will look  one of the best tool recon-ng which helps us to find possible information including subdomain , services , leak data, interesting files of our target.   what is Reconnaissance ? …


Future Scope Java vs Python ?

Many developers would agree that python is simple and more productive and the other hand java is difficult and complex. The programming language writes an efficient program for critical problems and for mobile applications, web applications, and games, etc. Python has easy syntax while java has complex syntax. Python : Python is more productive than …

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