Firmware Simulation (hardware hacking series) – Part III

In previous blog we performed firmware analysis, which gave us an idea about device’s file system, OS, sensitive files, hardcoded credentials, services and softwares running, among other things. Next, what we need to do and will be doing is “firmware simulation” which can be browser based, allowing us to-do web app based exploitation or CLI …

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Firmware Analysis (hardware hacking series) – Part II

As we move forward to our next blog in hardware hacking series, we will be focusing on firmware analysis. In our previous blog we have discussed the methodology for hardware hacking Let’s first discuss what exactly is firmware. It is software program permanently carved into a hardware device like keyboards, hard drives etc. It is …

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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) — is information gathering from publicly available sources and its analysis to produce an actionable intelligence. Email addresses are an important part of OSINT, providing a wealth of information about a subject. The information available about an e-mail address depends on a number of different factors, like how old is the …

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Crypto Mining in Tesla Motors | Securium Solutions Pvt Ltd


Hello Everyone, Tesla Motors recently announced its entry in India through tax-friendly jurisdiction of Dutch to invest in India. Tesla has registered its Indian Subsidiary in Bangalore and finalized its headquarters also along with 3 Directors appointed. But Tesla needs to consider their Security Measures also, Yes. Recent attacks on illicit Cryptocurrency mining now targets …


The New WhatsApp Policy 2021

WhatsApp has been sending us updates quite often! And they never bothered us, instead it made us feel safe while using the application as it fixed the issues arising with it timely!  But the latest updates in privacy policy which is going to be in force from 8th February 2021 has concerned everyone around the …

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