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ReactJS features

ReactJS is a segment based javascript library which is utilized for structure an intelligent and dynamic UI for sites and portable applications explicitly for creating single page applications where information reflects continuously. Presently, it is one of the most mainstream front-end JavaScript library in the market. It manages View in the MVC(Model – View – …

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Introduction:-  SqlMap is Python based open source penetration testing tool.It is most powerful sql injection automation tool and prebuild in kali linux.It works on both local and remote database server. Sqlmap helps to dump the database columns, tables,all files in the remote server database  as per user choice and it also helps us to read …


Machine Learning

Machine learning is the process of an artificial intelligence(AI), with the help of machine learning we provide system a power to learn by itself with the help of it’s experience without being programmed. Machine learning is the process in which we focuses on the development of the computer program that can access the old data …

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