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Reverse shell using tcp

Greeting Everyone ! Hope Everything Is going good ! Most of beginner level cyber security student are confused how they take reverse shell using public IP without port forwarding as free of cost. Steps to do practical:-  I use two machines Windows 10 and Linux to demonstrate practical and  connected those machines into different network. …

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Buffer overflow Beginner To Advance part1

Greeting Everyone! Today we will learn how to exploit buffer overflow using with immunity debugger and mona modules. Steps I covered in buffer overflow. Spiking Fuzzing Finding the offset Overwriting the EIP (Extended instruction pointer) Finding the bad characters Finding the right module Generate shell code and gain shells Download vulnserver – Download immunity …

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WiFi jamming: a ‘DOS/Deauth attack’

WiFi jamming allows us to take rogue stations/clients off our network. Software does this using de-authentication attack where it will flood the target access-point(AP) with deauth packets. This will cause the target AP to disconnect the clients from the network. It doesn’t involve the actual jamming of radio frequencies, which can be done using tool …

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