Six day Cyber Security Bootcamp

Think like a H@CK3R

Everyone wants to be a Hacker! Is that true when anyone got to know that he/she can hack Facebook, Gmail and his/her friends mobile so easily, then they seem that they become a Hacker? But, that’s not a realistic view of Cyber Security.

So, we think about it and proposing a six-day Bootcamp offline and online training session. It will give a real mirror of Cyber Security is? Also, we are proving the training on the Certificate course curriculum basis where it will covers from beginner level to the expert level of Cyber Security professional certificate provided by the EC-Council. Like from CND, CEH, CHFI, ECSA, LTP and then CISO level.

It will touch the real Industry based project hands-on experience training. And we will give you full guidance and an overview of this certificate and its training modules in-depth knowledge. So, that student get the real exposure of Cyber Security with minimal amount. We launch this Bootcamp to spread knowlegde and awareness.

We Covers these Certification Training and Overview

I want to become a Hacker, What about you?

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