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Hello Guys,Today, We will be learning something about ICS and SCADA What is ICS?Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are in use in Heavy Industries to control the machineries and to carry out heavy Process and Transportations. Whatever around you that are heavy that needs to be lifted or carried out with Heavy Machines are made through …

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Hello Everyone,Hope Everyone is safe and secure. Today we are going to discuss about SSL Stripping. What is SSL STRIPPING?SSL Stripping is one of the type of Man In The Middle(MITM) Attack. Attacker will try to strip down your Secure socket Layer connection into Normal HTTP Connection. Impact :He can see your Traffic in Plain …


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Does INDIA has its own HIPPA Compliance?

The Main Reason of Complying to Compliances and Standards are to 1) Ensure Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the Data they create, transmit, receive and maintain2) To protect against threats and integrity violations3) Usage Policy and Disclosures standards4) Ensuring Their Workforce will comply with their Security policies and procedures. Here we are going to discuss …

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