Month: October 2019

ID tool


Hey guys, Today’s blog will be very small so don’t worry it is very simple to learn and understand it. YARA – It is a tool for Malware identification which works on matching patterns across various malware samples and rules with signature identification. That’s how Anti-virus works based on YARA rules and Signature of Previously …

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Hey Guys Good Afternoon, back again with another blog we will be doing Malware analysis in the upcoming blogs may be 4 blogs totally. Today we are going to take a look how Malware analysis is going with the flow, Today’s blog will be fully theoretical, I hope you will find it interesting, please don’t …


SQL Injection by Double Query | securiumsolutions

Image link  In today’s blog, I am going to show you the error based SQL injection by Double query.  What is a Double query? A double query SQL injection is nothing but combining two queries into a single query and getting the information through the SQL error message from the database. Union injection can not …

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Comparison on Cloud : PaaS Services

In this journey, I went through the world of advanced Internet Solutions, where I understand Cloud Computing Power. Which are the companies in this market providing different solutions based on the Client requirements? And understand Cloud Computing and their different platform to provide solutions over the Internet? It is a pay-as-you-go service. And learn about …

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Loops in python -part 7

Python programming language provides the following types of loops. Here we cover all the ways for executing the loops. While all the ways provide similar basic functionality, the difference in there syntax and condition checking the time . 1. For loop A for loop is used for iterating over a sequence that is string, tuple, …

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